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Khuzestan Province is a land that starts from the complex Zagros Dynasty and joins the plains of the Persian Gulf after placement of vast plains. The geographic location of Khuzestan province with an area of ​​64664 square kilometers between 29 degrees 58 minutes to 32 degrees and 58 minutes north latitude from the equator and 47 degrees 41 minutes to 50 degrees and 39 minutes east of the Greenwich meridian 0 This land is from the north to the province Iran tourism Lorestan is limited from the south to the Persian Gulf from the east to the Bakhtiari and Tsaklvia and Boyer Ahmad provinces, and from the Maghreb to Iraq and the Ilam province. Khuzestan is neighboring with the countries of the southern margin of the Persian Gulf and west of the Persian Gulf. Khuzestan and its beaches are very hot areas with an average annual heat of 24-28 ° C. July and August are the warmest and most frequent months of the year. 0 Khouzestan rivers include: Karun - Karkheh-Daz - Maroun and Hendijan Zohreh 0 The average rainfall in Khuzestan province during the years 1330 to 1365 in Ahvaz was 199 mm 0 Most of the Persian and nomadic nomads of Khuzestan speak Arabic and Bakhtiari, Lori and the dialect of Dezful, Shushtari and Turkish. 0 The view of the country's and geographic divisions of this province includes 16 cities of 28 cities in 26 districts and 111 rural districts. The cities of Khuzestan are: Ahwaz-Abadan Province-Idea-Bandar Mahshahr-Behbahan-Khorramshahr-Dezful-Susangerd-Ramhormoz Shushtar-Masjed Soleyman-Nadimeshak-Bagmak-Shadgan-Shush-Omidieh 0 Active participation of the 8,000-year-olds of the Ilam-Achaemenid, Oshkanian, Sassanid, Arabs and Muslims of Siraqvam You can find ancient works and memorials in the cities of Izeh-e-Masjid-e-Suleiman-Shosh and Shoshtar-Haft Tape Behbahan in Ahvaz. 0 Choghazenbil near the seven hills and the palace of Apadana in Shosh and Kool Farah in Izeh, from the most ancient works of art and the tomb of Daniel the prophet. Shoosh is one of the most important shrines in Ahwaz. The Arabic word is the singular word Huz = Hawz, which was originally referred to as a tribe, and the Iranians used it as a state to determine the old Ilam district, which was also called the Khuzestan state seat.

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